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Dear Frustrated Guitarist,

Don't You Detest The Selfish "Experts"?

   Nothing beats the feeling of losing out to others . Seeing the guitar man next door playing like your favorite guitar idol while you strum your guitar with the same boring chord progressions, you can't help but to feel helpless and stuck in the rut. It's so irritating. Damn. "Why did God bless them with those talented fingers?" you asked.  Well, did you actually walk up to him to ask him how he did it?

 I mean, hello... ?! You actually endured the embarrassment of the arrogant expert guitarist telling you to "practice more"? Okay, say putting aside that insult and swallowing your pride, you go home and try to "practice more".  Hell, after half an hour or so you are still nowhere near a guitar hero- more like guitar zero. To "practice more" is the most convenient and lame excuse there is that could come out from the "expert".  

Let me ask you: Are you merely practicing the same things you know?

C'mon, have the integrity as a guitarist. I want you to look at him in the eye and know deep inside that you too can play like Hendrix and Van Halen. Am I kidding here? I assure you if you follow through this letter, you stand a chance to shred the ass out of him. So much so that he will cowardly hide in embarrassment the next time he sees you! 

Here's The Truth

   You see, nobody is born to play the guitar. It takes courage and the passion to start. Yet we always run into great guitar "experts" who always tell us they simply play just like that... And they expect us to believe it!

Well, we can choose to give these people the benefits of the doubt. They can say whatever they want just because they have mastered their instruments! But… I do not blame them.

Why should they reveal to you the Secrets of their Success when it takes them probably years of blood and sweat to develop? They would selfishly use their secrets to maintain their superiority in guitar playing over others, creating an impression of great talent.

The point I want you to know is that anybody can do it like these veteran players… but at a much faster rate when their Secrets are revealed, instead of having you grope about in the dark from scratch! Friend, are you interested?

So, Who Else Wants...

 >To Command Respect and Recognition from friends, colleagues and other musicians by Mastering the Art of Guitar suddenly in the shortest possible period of time 

 >To be able to walk up the stage, take a guitar and make it sing so expressively with people awestruck that they  walk up to you later asking you how you do it

 >To attract the attention of your dream date at that critical moment with your heroic guitar playing

 >To be able to tab out any guitar melodies you hear by ear alone by developing a strong understanding in playing fundamentals

 > To be able to jam with professional musicians seeming like one of them when you had only been secretly playing for less than 2 weeks

If You Truly Wish To Attain These Or More, Read On!


Incredible Results Even For Beginners!

" I blew my wife away at my first performance gig recently!   She still can't believe that I played a Clapton's number so well. Just to drop a fast email to say thank you so much for making this moment possible..."  George L


If A Beginner Can Do It, So Can You!

If you have a burning desire to make a change to become a guitar guru instead of where you are now…

...or believe that you have what it takes to play the guitar but simply do not have open access to the "short-cuts" that the experts are secretly utilizing...

Then I am sure you have come to the right training ground to achieve greatness! Welcome to the guitar black belt training club. Sharpen your chops and that's when you seriously start to attract the chicks.

(Please change away those rusty guitar strings. I don't take lazy students. We are talking about training up guitar heroes here!)



Anybody Can Master The Guitar -

If They Know How To Do It Using The Guitar Secrets!

Have you ever wondered how in the world did you learn to talk or walk when you were young? In retrospect they would seem tough for a kid to master doesn’t it? But guess what...you did it!

What about the art of guitar playing? Can you master guitar effortless like a kid learning to talk and become a guru like your favorite guitar players?

The Answer : An Absolute Resounding YES!

In fact, there has never been a better time NOW than the past. All you need is your pair of hands, your trusty guitar ax and of course…

The Ultimate Guitar Playing Secrets That Will Make Sense Of Everything Else That Is Floating In Cyberspace.


Trade Secrets of Guitarplaying

Expertise Revealed’ E-book

Imagine You Playing the Guitar With Others Shaking Their Heads In Amazement

With this Ultimate Guitar Secrets Manual, its really not that hard to imagine. You will save invaluable time and years of "hard knocks" when you have access to what the experts know secretly behind everybody.

Enough of all those other nonsense floating around on the internet!

The internet is the perfect place to go insane searching for right answers sometimes, but if you know how to look and how to put them all together, then...

You Can Play Like Any Guitar Gods You Desire. Take Your Pick:

Jimi Hendrix? Van Halen? Steve Vai? It’s Your Choice!

Seriously! Well, many experts surely know what they are looking for. That’s why they get better all the time! This book will show you the way to do it, how to make sense of it all. In fact...


This Book Will Be The Nightmare For All Selfish Guitar Experts

You see, I truly had enough of the expert’s childish ego game. Why?

Because music is all about sharing of knowledge. True musicians should share and unite to make great music together- that’s the way it should be!

Wait till you show the selfish experts that you can do what they do, or better. The feeling you’d get watching their expression when they see you play… simply priceless. 

You now have the power in your hands to do just that by using the ultimate guitar secrets!

Here’s what others have to say about the book:

  … a valuable read! I strongly recommend this E-book to anybody seeking shortcuts in guitar learning,”  Winston T, SG

 “Melvin demonstrate great in-depth knowledge in his writing. Don’t miss this if you want to know what’s going on about guitar  know-how.” David P, NZ


“...worth 10 times it’s actual cost. You won’t regret this. I can now shred the electric with confidence.” Gerald M, KL 

“I’ve been playing guitar for a donkey years with no improvement. I bought lotsa guitar books and ended up reading none of them. But this book! I not only finished reading everything, it basically changed me. Finally I can say I kick ass. Thanks a lot, Melvin!” Jason, NY

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“I’m really glad I bought your book. Good information. I found my own style thanks to you.”  Yutaki S, JP

"Lots of guitar playing secrets shared generously!"  Casey, CA

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The Power Lies In Your Hand.

  All The Greatest People Take Their Destiny Into Their Own Hands… And So Can YOU!

Please Make Me A Guitar God With Your Guitar Secrets Now!

What You'd Expect From The ‘Trade Secrets of Guitarplaying Expertise Revealed’ E-book     


¨ The Right Guitar Learning Approach

¨ The Ultimate Secret Formulae For Guitar Expertise

¨ Why Practice Does Not Make Perfect

¨ Secrets To Finding Your Guitar Playing Identity

¨ Secrets To Mastering Your Guitar Playing Tone

¨ How To Achieve A Solid Sense Of Timing

¨ Importance of Song Interpretation

¨ Secret Art of Guitar Soloing Revealed

¨ Entire Fretboard Chord Mastery, The Easy Way!

¨ Secret To Efficient Picking

¨ Music Industry Survival Tips

¨ ...& More!  

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Virtual Guitar Amplifier              (worth $99)

Digital Guitar Amplifier for your PC functions just like a real amplifier with virtual tonal knobs and overdrive settings.



Professional Home Studio Recording Software              (worth $299.90)

An excellent software for doing professional home recording and layering. Comes with mixer, VST effects and various features.



Easy Scales Generator           (worth $27.90)

Generate numerous scales for training your guitar solo without having to flip a real manual.



Easy Chords Generator                                   (worth $24.50)

Generate various chords for playing without having to flip a real manual.



Guitar Rhythm Generator/ Accompaniment                        (worth $24.50)

Plot the chord progressions and haunting guitar playing rhythms will be generated for you! Excellent for Song-writing or Guitar Solo practice.




Virtual Metronome                (worth $29.90)

Virtual metronome on the go! Use this to improve your timing and learning process


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If in the event you are not satisfied with your product, you can ask for a full refund within 56 days. Hassle-free. This is the firm assurance I have for you on my product, and you can keep the product and freebies after I refund you your penny! 

You Have Absolutely Nothing To Lose But Everything To Gain From This!

Enough! Please Make Me A Guitar God Now With Your Guitar Secrets!

So,  Let Us Recap What You'd Get:


  Ultimate Guitar Secrets To Become A Guitar Hero 



 All These Free Guitar Gifts Worth $550.20  

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Massive Success

Melvin Fang                                                              Melvin Fang   

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  Good work! Its good to know that my playing can actually improve with the amazing guitar secrets revealed!”  Zack G, KL

 “...(Your book) is as promised. Managed to pull off some tricks using the guitar secrets highlighted. Do keep me updated about any new books coming up in the future!” Mikhail M, CA

 Your ultimate guitar secrets is a knock out! Thanks for delivering your promise to a  beginner guitar player like me.Joey, SG 

“Thought it was another one of those overpromised stuff, but decided to give it a try anyway. Surprise! I'm now jamming in my own band!” Corrine J, UK 

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What Are You Waiting For? The Cows To Start Dancing And Your Guitar Friends To Get Better At Playing? Get Access To Ultimate Guitar Secrets And Start Your Guitar Playing Journey For Mastery Today! 

The e-book & freebies will be delivered digitally. The e-book will in  PDF format. You will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader to view the e-book. If you don't have Acrobat Reader, you can download it for free here (opens in new window). *Guitar mastery level varies for different individuals.

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